Personal Training

As well as a Yoga Instructor I am also a qualified Personal Trainer with over 5 years experience. I have worked with a variety of clients, from marathon runners to weight-loss seekers as well as pre and post natal mothers.  

My tailored approach comes from personal experience and from the belief that making simple, positive changes to your lifestyle can create a happier and healthier you.


Tailored to You

Sessions are tailored to suit your needs and take place in the comfort of your own home. My offerings include:

  • 45 minute or 1 hour sessions
  • One-to-one or small group training
  • Pre and post natal training
  • Regular weigh-ins/progress checks
  • Nutritional advice (see more below)
  • Discounts on block bookings


We all know that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. I don't believe in diets as they usually require cutting out food groups, drastically restricting your calorie intake and aren't sustainable. Instead I encourage my clients to make simple, healthy changes to their food intake that are sustainable for a long and healthy life. 

I ask clients to keep a food diary, which I monitor on a weekly basis to see where we can make improvements. These are done over time to give your body room to adjust and adapt to these new lifestyle changes. 



"Tawny is an amazing personal trainer. You have a laugh whilst being pushed (she won't let you slack off!). The great thing about Tawny is she came to my home so I could be trained after having my daughter. She helped with the baby and trained me so I didn't have to find childcare in order to keep fit and get in shape. Not many trainers out there can do the same.

Would I recommend Tawny? Yes, 100%!" - Simone


"I started PT because I wanted to lose weight and increase my fitness. Tawny has been an excellent trainer – she motivates me, encourages me and plans my workout sessions around what I want to achieve.

I love the variety in all my workouts and I also keep a food diary, which Tawny reviews and advises me on how I can improve my nutritional intake. Overall, the results I have seen through this journey have been incredible. I have lost weight, toned up more, and most importantly I feel great!" - Nilofar


"I have been having PT sessions with Tawny for several years now and really have enjoyed the fun but very focussed approach to keeping fit. I have learnt so many new techniques and exercises that I can also repeat on my own and know that I am doing them correctly and preventing injury. Before having PT I only really ran to keep fit and didn't realise how important it is to build on core strength also.

Tawny has been great at focussing on different areas and encouraging me do exercises I would never have done before. I really enjoy my sessions and seeing the improvements I have made over time is really rewarding." - Liz